Pure Love



My love of animals has sent me down a complicated path. Throughout my life I have made many choices, each of which were intended to gain better understanding of animal care. Thankfully I never stopped believing in myself. I always knew that I was heading in the right direction... I knew this as I was following my Heart! Today I am turning over a page, this is a clean WHITE  sheet on which I can start writing my WONDER story...

    About Me

My name is Raimonda, I live in the small village of Stretham on the outskirts of Ely. I would describe myself as a friendly, warm, optimistic and patient person.  I am passionate animal lover  and everyone who knows me, knows how fond I am of animals, especially dogs. Dogs  play  massive role in  my life.  I simply couldn't imagine my existence without them. All my spare time   I  spend learning about their behaviour, training, nutrition or health.

Whilst growing up my family always had dogs. Mostly big powerful breeds such as Caucasian or German Shepherds. We had few of mixed breed dogs as well, two of them were dachshund crosses, couple of hound mixes. When I started living by myself I owned an American pit bull terrier, this was hardest breed of dog to own. Not due her breed, but due to the public's misconception and prejudice towards this breed. I found this heartbreaking, I wanted to show people how wrong they were, but it was hard to shift opinions which were so deeply rooted through bad reputation.


My last dog was female English bull terrier. She was my pride and joy. I remember when planning to get her I was thinking that I wanted an "ordinary dog". She was far from it!   Surprisingly she has provided me with much more than I was expecting. She has taught me a lot  about dog psychology, behaviour and training. Sometimes life provides you with the ultimate challenge and as the saying goes "you get what you need, not what you want".

As a child I had the opportunity to live nearby all kinds of animals. I had hamsters, rats, fish, cats and rabbits.  We even had some farm animals such as pigs and chickens. These animals were an intergral part of my upbringing, I guess this is the main reason why now as an adult I want take care of them. For me this is most motivating and self rewarding job that I could undertake on the planet! It is not just a hobby anymore. Gradually it became the axis of my life!


Master of Veterinary Medicine (2010)


Academy of  Dog Training and Behaviour (ADTB)    (present)

Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT) (present)



Tellington  TTouch       Workshop (Sept 2015)

'Dog's that Bite and Fight' Seminar (David Ryan, October 2015)


National Association Of Pet  Sitters & Dog Walkers


Over 20 years with my own pets

Within veterinary practice  patient  animals (during my studies)


Attending  dog behaviour / training seminars and workshops, helping me to grasp a deeper understanding of our canine companions. Getting  Dog Trainer's qualification.


To help people   take care of their pets when they are not able to  do so themselves.   My dedication  lies within helping  animals   staying in their own homes instead of  ending up in shelters.   To provide my services to dogs which have been declined or rejected in the past. Work together with your dog's behaviourist  or trainer if  animal is problematic  and is going through any specific training.