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Probably everyone would agree that it is something magical in our relationship with animals. They provide us with joy, comfort and companionship. Animals remind us about forgiveness, loyalty and living in a moment. They make us feel loved despite the fact of who we are, how we look, or how we are feeling. With animals we can be ourselves again! Breaking down emotional and mental barriers created throughout our adult lives, unlocking a sense of  freedom much like we felt within our childhood. Words cannot describe the emotional connection we have with our pets, these emotions are simply inexpressible and unexplainable...

It is absolutely not surprising that so many people get pet animals and later on in life go out of their ways to be able to accommodate all their needs. It is my belief that as pet owners you have the same feelings towards your pets as I do. Therefore I understand this desire to give your pets the best care possible in return for their unconditional love and loyalty to you.

When leaving your pets in my hands you can be reassured that they are safe, treated with love, understanding and ultimately, Respect.

During our first meeting I stay extremely calm around animals, observe their body language, give them time to adjust to me and feel comfortable. I take the necessary time to gain animal's trust, respecting it's personal space and individual personality.

I am offering new EXCLUSIVE dog walking service suitable for dogs with behavioural problems, not allowing them to join into group walks. I am employing my experience and knowledge to help your four-legged friends better adjust to the environment.   I take time to understand each dog individually and if possible use adequate positive training techniques, whilst making sure that walks stay fun and engaging for the dog. We explore various local surroundings, play and conduct short training sessions. Dogs are physically and mentally challenged, therefore becoming relaxed and happier!


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